Friday, 4 October 2013

Re-opening the shop

You know that shop in town, the one you walk past and wonder what's happened - why is it never open anymore? Is it open but I just keep missing the odd hours it's open? Or have the owners died and the property hasn't been claimed by anyone? There's a second hand bookshop in Brighton that's run by a very doddery old couple and seemed to be closed across the summer for a very long time, with a handwritten note saying they'd be closed for a few days...and I presumed that something had happened to one of them...

It feels like my blog has become one of those shops. But that egotistically assumes anyone is walking by this end of the street and noticing nothing happening here, which I very much doubt. More a dusty dirty doorway to something forgotten.

It's felt a touch embarrassing over the last year or so when I've continue to submit and share my work to various people and places, with a link to the blog "if they want to know more" and at the back of my head I know that the last entry is very close to two years ago now.

That's not to say I haven't been doing anything, more that the blog has been neglected due to a lack of time and priority...and if I did feel like writing something, it wasn't really for the blog - there were more important things to be trying to write.

So here I am now, washing down the windows, blowing the dust from the counter...especially as there are hopefully new film making stories to share.

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