Monday, 6 July 2009

The Delays

"Forever Delayed" was always one of my favourite lines from a Manic Street Preachers' song. Strangely, the way it was sang at the end of "Roses In The Hospital" seemed almost celebratory, when really the words alone seem almost melancholic, carrying an air of perpetual disappointment...that the elusive thing you're waiting for is just never going to happen.


Well, the filming of Stranded has been delayed again. I made a decision on the replacement of the actress for Gwyneth, which was a positive step and I'm excited about working with the actress, but then the availability of crew means the earliest we can now film is September. That will then be two years since I cast the original cast for the film when I was hoping to shoot the film in October 2007. Damn, that seems pretty crushing.

I can only cross my fingers and hope that no one gets offered any paid work in the interim, resulting in the first weekend of September being cancelled. Normally the weather is pretty reliable in September, but I can't really take it for granted.

So I was maybe thinking I could hopefully get things moving on Goodnight, Halloween in the interim...but Ryan is having trouble with the footage he's been supplied with, meaning the digital blood effects have been delayed...realistically, my hope of having even a rough cut of the film to show at Son Of Movie Bar at my Halloween special is unlikely to happen, which I am really gutted by.

Endless delays where it feels like I can't get anything moving, much that I'm desperate to. Writing of The Reprise has been sticky too, mostly down to being so tired by the time it gets to late at night. I blame the summer heat, hayfever and early sunrises - I always seem to sleep badly in the summer.

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